"wedding" is a matrimonial match maker website written in PHP, MySQL. This project is aimed to provide a website engine/framework for marriage brokers, matrimonial consultants, agents and communities to quickly setup and operationalise an online presence for their patrons.

Current Status: The website is ready to use and already powers several commercial matchmaker websites.

Download and Installation: As of now, the source code is available for download via SVN and can be downloaded here: https://wedding.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wedding/.
The source code has an accompanying INSTALL file. (WARNING: Some knowledge of PHP, Web development is expected)

Development: We welcome any contribution to the source code such as bug fixes, code snippets, modules, features, etc. We also welcome wishlists. Please email your wish to mail@inf.in

Commercial Support: Paid support for the installation, customisation and extensions are available from the original authors of the software: INFORMEDIA TECHNOLOGIES (MYSORE) PRIVATE LIMITED.. More information can be had by emailing us.

The source is available for download from this URL: http://wedding.sourceforge.net/downloads/wedding-0.1-r2.zip